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On-site Consultation

Non-obligatory on-site consultation and measurement to provide relevant resources for you to make the right decision based on your flooring condition and requirements


With 15 years of experience, we know what works and what does not work when it comes to timber flooring – from design to installation and on-going maintenance

Supply for Flooring

Expansive varieties of solid pre-finished timber, solid conventional timber, engineered pre-finished timber, sports flooring, vinyl flooring and laminated flooring

What our users say

We contacted Vinteks for solid wood flooring for a new room, as well as to re-sand and varnish an existing floor. Josephine was very understanding of our needs, wants and budget. Her experience is evident when she highlights long term considerations – something we are very grateful for, being new homeowners. She is attentive to details and accommodating with minor requests, and she dealt with my main contractor in a firm, methodical and friendly manner. Vinteks deploy a no-nonsense team who is efficient but will not compromise quality over time. They even left the site clean and neatly protected for subsequent works. It was a pleasure engaging Vinteks and watching them work. We highly recommend Vinteks for their professional work ethics and commitment to quality.

Kuah Joo Khai 7 October 2014

Great service! Good quality product with reasonable price.

Sandra San 28 February 2017

Probably the best service you can get! Josephine and Team are amazing!! They truly care about their customers and take pride in their work and products. Highly recommended!!!

Shen Maosheng 22 August 2015

Satisfied with the service provided. We were looking for solid wood flooring replacement but Josephine suggested to change to vinyl as it is more cost effective for the long run. Thanks a lot! We have one lee thing to worry about.

Yen Ling 29 May 2015

Flooring Repair / Replacement

Excellent service. Quick response and honest review / advice on flooring condition and requirement.

Aaron Tan 22 November 2016